German Council Mission Statement

Passion for retail and property.

We view ourselves to be the engine and driver of interests and the future of people and companies in the retail property sector.

 We provide our members with a valuable national and international network, facilitating an exchange of success stories and knowledge.

We handle one another respectfully and in a partner-like manner – true to the principles of honourable merchants.

 We are conscious of our social and economic responsibility and place importance on sustainable actions taking into account economic viability.

 We are committed to a high level of service and performance.


  • We place personality front and centre of our continued and further training activities.
  • We promote up-and-coming professionals.
  • We represent the industry’s interests, lend the sector a voice and undertake public relations.
  • We view ourselves to be a driver of the industry, latch onto new trends, collaborate closely with academia and research, and impart this knowledge to our members.
  • We want to initiate innovation to the benefit of our industry.
  • We are open to new ideas and continuously develop ourselves in a dynamic environment.