Photo Gallery

D-A-CH Konferenz 2016

Photographer: K.D. Busch
Place: Bregenz

On 16 / 17 June 2016, the première was held of the first joint conference of the three German-speaking Shopping Center Councils from Austria (A), Switzerland (CH) and Germany (D), or the D-A-CH Conference for short. The more than 80 participants from all three countries were welcomed in Bregenz by the Deputy State Premier of Vorarlberg, Mag. Karlheinz Rüdisser. After a specialist overview with figures, data and facts on the three D-A-CH countries, the study on the future of shopping was presented. Ibrahim Ibrahim, Portland Design Associates LTD, enthused the listeners with his superb presentation. The event was a resounding success; a first step has been taken towards better linking the three markets.

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