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This week the Berlin FDP (Liberal) leading candidate Sebastian Czaja got himself up to speed about the positions of the GCSC in a personal meeting with the GCSC representatives Ingmar Behrens, Director of Public Affairs and Communication, and Rüdiger Pleus, Officer of the Board. In the process, the subject areas of ‘opening times’ and ‘range restrictions’ were discussed, as well as the consequences of internet retail on a vibrant city centre. Czaja explained Berlin’s special role with a colourful, growing mixture of shopping centres, high street and whole host of local retail, which noticeably exhibits the variety of trade in the shape of start-ups and pop-up stores. “The GCSC represents a very important part of the retail landscape in Germany here. What’s more, it argues decisive positions in a convincing manner when it comes to a level playing field and fairness between bricks & mortar retail and internet retail. The FDP is pleased to be able to make itself available as a partner for discussion, and will lend its support consistent with liberal principles.”

Sebastian Czaja is a co-opted member of the FDP Federal Board and General Secretary of the FDP State Association.

Ludwigsburg, 8 June 2016

Contact Person

Ingmar Behrens
Leiter Public Affairs
und Communication

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A level playing field for bricks & mortar retail

A delegation of the GCSC ‘Political Work’ expert committee meet members of the SPD (Social Democratic) Bundestag parliamentary party.

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Political Lunch Berlin 2015

Trade property industry in dialogue with the ‘Business and Energy’ working group of the CDU-CSU (Conservative) Bundestag parliamentary party.

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