German Council NeXtGen

Students and fledgling professionals from the widest range of disciplines can become members of the German Council NeXtGen group, which brings together interest in the property sector. The membership expires automatically when members turn 30 years of age.

The German Council NeXtGen offers young talents and fledgling professionals the opportunity to network with professionals in the retail property sector.

This involves promoting up-and-coming professionals in a targeted manner on national and international levels via the International Council (ICSC) and the European partner councils (national councils).

NeXtGen events

Study Tours: Informative short trips and unique insights that are even within students’ budgets.

Moving breakfast / dinner: Junior and senior members frequently interact while enjoying both the food and the topics.

Kaminabend: Lively and animated discussions fireside chats with shopping centre industry insiders

German Council Forum: Attendance at the GCSC professional forums: Centre management, marketing, legal and consulting, architecture.

Regionale  Aktionen: Regional meetings of the German Council, local special events of the network.

Coaching: We offer students the opportunity to take part in coaching. This involves the experienced person (senior) mentoring the junior on professional decisions. The objective is to promote the junior in his or her professional development.